Midlife Crisis?

Feeling the tinge of time

The wearing down of limbs

Fear of all that has not transpired

A gnawing sentiment

That, somehow, it has been misused

This life



There could have been more?


There should – be more?


It’s already too late?


Questions question the mind

Fantasy brings forth a destiny not lived

Only imagined,

There is so much to do

So much to see and experience

It is overwhelming


Carpe diem –

Haunts and taunts

But it becomes more of a reality

Each day

Through the highs and lows

It’s now or never


There are no more illusions

I have been broken twice

All I am is me,

I have woken to find

All is not what it seems

And I must carve my own fortune


Delicate hands of design

Creating art as I know it,

It is a daily struggle

To stay mindful,

Grounded and adventurous –

Mindset of equilibrium a goal


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