Fire and ice

Melting the world

Conjuring an image

Of you –

Reflecting beauty 


Before we die

Capture my heart

Purse strings loosened

My gold

For your love


Snap out of it now

We are

The prisoners we caught

Halfway home



Distance it covered

Wearing a mask

Sense it wandered

From us

To never return


Ice and fire

Breathing the flames

Flickering blue


Of a lie


Snap out of it now

We are

The creators of death

Nowhere -now here-

Frozen beasts



“Don’t you just hate it when you analyze yourself

And find

You are a walking cliché


Just like everyone else

Not so special

After all”


He said it with a smug smile

And I wonder

What stereotype –


What mindless category

We fall in to



“Boldly we too shall

Pass through the same

Valley of dread


Throwing stones at our brothers,

Torture ourselves –

With our own minds creation”


As I make the claim

His eyebrows lift

And I return his smirk, where it belongs

Greener Grass

Stroll through the gates

Greener grass there

Meeting corners



Fleeing winds of change

Glazed eyes closed

Sinful wearisome



Fractured hearts bleed black

Staggered drunken pose

Hurting feverish



Compose a letter goodbye

Signed within deceit

Lips sealed


Mercy Me

Defensive posture 

Shoulders crossed

Shouting mercy


Flaming wings

Melting touch

Hidden sky


Headless wrath

Innocent eyes

Reality fading


Dreams shatter

Crying wounds

Shadow setting


I sat down to marvel

At the world today,

It’s intricate wonder

And deceit


Mind boggles

At the way of us,

How we dance

And discover


Twitching toes

Filled with wanderlust,

Magnificent rays

Of sundown


I felt the hand of death

At my shoulder,

It whispered vexing

And vanished


Filled with hope –

Lungs collapse,

Here we are

Lost within each other


And I lay down

Marvel at the sky,

Forging dreams

I wonder