Greener Grass

Stroll through the gates

Greener grass there

Meeting corners



Fleeing winds of change

Glazed eyes closed

Sinful wearisome



Fractured hearts bleed black

Staggered drunken pose

Hurting feverish



Compose a letter goodbye

Signed within deceit

Lips sealed



Mercy Me

Defensive posture 

Shoulders crossed

Shouting mercy


Flaming wings

Melting touch

Hidden sky


Headless wrath

Innocent eyes

Reality fading


Dreams shatter

Crying wounds

Shadow setting


I sat down to marvel

At the world today,

It’s intricate wonder

And deceit


Mind boggles

At the way of us,

How we dance

And discover


Twitching toes

Filled with wanderlust,

Magnificent rays

Of sundown


I felt the hand of death

At my shoulder,

It whispered vexing

And vanished


Filled with hope –

Lungs collapse,

Here we are

Lost within each other


And I lay down

Marvel at the sky,

Forging dreams

I wonder

invisible darkness

he walks unseen in-

to his home,

chalk on his boots

leaping hope, pallet full of

oddly shaped furniture

where perfume lingers


pink flamingos

smile at the wall,

triangulating the distance

between him and her –

flaming wilderness

surrounds them


waltzing cameos of film stars

leave a cluster-filled joy,

we wander the path

less know, footsteps

barely discernible

through the ages


unable to see past the present

we people are a binary;

the number too basic

for one


Love, you are a vision

best left alone