sometimes I feel

I’m all over the place

lost in a thought

lost in a crowd

taking steps

but not moving


sometimes I lay

absolutely still

watch the clouds

form and reform

shaping a sky

deceptively blue


sometimes I look

into the abyss

and wonder

where does it end

or is it endless

and why does it matter?


sometimes I crawl

and notice the microcosmic miracle

that surrounds us

is within us

that connects us

in a web of life


sometimes I converse

with strangers

and although

my mouth is moving

words are uttered

no one can hear them


sometimes I walk

the wrong way

sit on the wrong side

make people uneasy

by smiling at them

or not smiling at them


sometimes I taste

the variety of the world

sample the joys and

thrill of living

then head down an unknown road

so I can experience something new


sometimes I run

up a hill

until I gasp for air

wishing I was stronger

hellbent on hardening my soul

and then fall back down again


sometimes I smell

a fragrance that triggers

a fleeting deja vu

before the nascent memory

is ripped from my brain

like it never existed


sometimes I think

maybe there is nothing

truly original

in this creation

merely a copy

of a copy


An Apparition Upon the Hull

A transitory breach

Beneath a spiraling arm of galaxies

We weave our path

Throughout the unlimited confines

Of human endeavor

Fractured armies conquer possible

Reason accepted in

Black nothingness of mindful eyes;

Visions persevering

Star-flicker fleeting left to dwindle

In short-lived glory