Born in the exhaust pipes of yesterday
The garbage and waste litters our way

Idolising power structures – weakness
Despised, beset by ignorance – flirting
With disaster, we are the exception to
The rule; a backwash of development

Self-destruction appeals to our psyche
Thrilling doom wets appetite for more

Swimming through the sewage, we are
Belligerent in our beliefs, undaunted by
Any truth words can form, free radicals;
Swarming masses that overwhelms all


Panic Shaped L

Loneliness is a feathered cage
Where golden rays of the sun
Turn silver-grey in the shadows

Thunder rumbles in a distant dream
A window where I peak the lightning
Flames dance around in the grass

I hate the chains that shackle my soul
I bend the bars of my imagination each night
I humble myself to feel, what never was

It is a feeling I’ve felt, I know it so well
It grips my mind, it yellows my nerve
Loneliness is the heart’s silent implosion

Minds Mine

Above the hum of engine
Run-force taking us forward
I spell doom in the wheel of fortune

I wrestle the single life just to
Feature in someone’s dream

Escaping through bathroom windows
And mixing my wine and spirits high

Freaking out and flummoxed
The devil awakens my thirst for more
Mired in the casualties of mine

Last Gasp

Death is but a brief moment

In life


Wasted moments


Beyond control

And he is left

In an emotional quiz

That has him asking, begging

To know

It’s meaning


It’s lost on us

This beauty, this wonder


It’s war –

Flaming words

Wielding indiscriminately

Cutting every man’s heart

Leaving the wounded

Screaming on the battlefield

For mercy

That is not to be found


In time