In Remembrance

Will you remember me

When my time has come

And gone?


Windswept changes,

Ephemeral destiny,

We are


A lonesome cry

A flicker

That dies


Will you mourn my soul

When spirits escape

My eyes?


I ran through the fog

On borrowed time –

Never knowing my bearings


I stood alone,

We stood together,

It passed through my dreams


Will you remember me


Will you care?


I cared for you


What Should Be Said

I know the words

That should be uttered

At this moment,

Yet they don’t find

The right vibrations

And never leave my mind


Tongue is knotted

Ready to deliver,

Mind is shackled

And words

Are not free



I know how you feel –

I feel it too,

The silence leaves

A space that widens

A gulf that threatens

Future love