Hearts bleeding

Silhouetting dreams


In the night 

You come creeping back,

Weakness explained

Boring needs



On a desert isle,

Stab me in the back

And be done with it


Love is Overrated

The romance is brief, like

Walking on dispersing clouds


The passion overwhelming

You never expect the sky to fall


Tears stain the heart

The hurt never ends


Romantic love –

I have learned


Is not so romantic

After all


and we stretch our arms

skybound in effortless gain

where droplets fade

smashing hearts

against the ground


does the absence of war

indicate peace?

only time can bring clarity

to the soul

in confusion

Your Sign

Given your past

I don’t put it beyond you

To lie and cheat,

It is your trademark –

How you move on

To unsuspecting prey;

Tell them your sob-story

That rings pink and hollow now

As your soul


Fill your cup of love

Stir it with deceit

Sugar the promises –

And milk it for all you got.

Empty the cup

And throw it in the fireplace,

Let the shards melt

In your flaming,

Consuming hedonism 

In Remembrance

Will you remember me

When my time has come

And gone?


Windswept changes,

Ephemeral destiny,

We are


A lonesome cry

A flicker

That dies


Will you mourn my soul

When spirits escape

My eyes?


I ran through the fog

On borrowed time –

Never knowing my bearings


I stood alone,

We stood together,

It passed through my dreams


Will you remember me


Will you care?


I cared for you