We get to where we are

Through all these decisions

A billion wishes that collide


Everyone searching

Everyone wanting



We spin in place

Dizzy feelings –

A gut reaction


And here we are

Fragmented souls

Chasing clues


Directions cross

Swerving obstacles

Observing the push and pull


Unseen forces

Dynamics –

Loosing control


We attract those we are

Through all these temptations

A billion would be’s or would not’s


Everyone finding

Everyone being



A Difficult Man

Friends they have withered in vane

Vanished in the drought,

Family is a far away notion

A gap that grows


I suppose

I must be a difficult man

Someone who you keep

At an arms length


I belong in a different time

Where a dreamer can believe,

Where loyalty and truth

Means something in the rain


The winds blow colder

As I follow a lonesome path,

Signs whisper of madness

A sort of greatness in death


I suppose

We all live in wonder –

Treading water

Trying to keep sane


Things happen to us

Without meaning

And we must embrace

The randomness of life


Smile at the eye of the hurricane

Watch as our surroundings are

Wiped out in a blink of eternity –

Consciousness come undone

Last Gasp

Death is but a brief moment

In life


Wasted moments


Beyond control

And he is left

In an emotional quiz

That has him asking, begging

To know

It’s meaning


It’s lost on us

This beauty, this wonder


It’s war –

Flaming words

Wielding indiscriminately

Cutting every man’s heart

Leaving the wounded

Screaming on the battlefield

For mercy

That is not to be found


In time