“Don’t you just hate it when you analyze yourself

And find

You are a walking cliché


Just like everyone else

Not so special

After all”


He said it with a smug smile

And I wonder

What stereotype –


What mindless category

We fall in to



“Boldly we too shall

Pass through the same

Valley of dread


Throwing stones at our brothers,

Torture ourselves –

With our own minds creation”


As I make the claim

His eyebrows lift

And I return his smirk, where it belongs

In Remembrance

Will you remember me

When my time has come

And gone?


Windswept changes,

Ephemeral destiny,

We are


A lonesome cry

A flicker

That dies


Will you mourn my soul

When spirits escape

My eyes?


I ran through the fog

On borrowed time –

Never knowing my bearings


I stood alone,

We stood together,

It passed through my dreams


Will you remember me


Will you care?


I cared for you

The Secrets of the Sins We Leave Behind

The sanctuary of time turns the tide,

Biting nails, gripping party anthems

Mark a wasteful youth


Fretting feelings fleeting, emotions that stir

Comets reappear with its icy tail of despair

Impacting a slumbering world


Forging a fork in the road, fractures the frame

Pioneering a new structure from the ruins of the old

Moving forward, never to look back