Chance of Sunshine

She’s standing in the courtyard
Flowers in her hair
She rests an arm on the well
She smells like spring in the air

Walking along the cliffs at night
Thunder frightens me
The wind flings open the gates
I walk through the fog, I’m lost at sea

We carry children into this world
Believing our invisibility
We act in accordance to our needs
We never once question our reality

Running along life’s unheralded
Path to glory
The sunshine is clouded in grey
An uncommon end to this story


Tunnel of Love

We really want to glow
Be the sparkling change
The evermore and true

But we are the waves
That come crashing
Over a tunnel of love

We are the glimmer –
The glimpse of heaven
Before it tumbles down

To Scatter in the Wind

Scattered leaves
Drifting wind
Shivering to the bone
Stripped to the core

Fluently we float
Above the trees
Dreaming of forevermore
And what’s more

We feel a beginning
A beautiful outline
Of something new
Something invisible and true

A risk worth taking
A hope we’re hoping
Will take root and
Die in our arms

What Should Be Said

I know the words

That should be uttered

At this moment,

Yet they don’t find

The right vibrations

And never leave my mind


Tongue is knotted

Ready to deliver,

Mind is shackled

And words

Are not free



I know how you feel –

I feel it too,

The silence leaves

A space that widens

A gulf that threatens

Future love