Letters in the Sand

Scratch my name
From your shoulder
Unwrap my heart
From its folder

Catch my spirit
In its nascent scent
Crack my skull
Within its fractured dent

Hatch my plan
Revel in your smile
I lack the focal point;
Something worthwhile



Fire and ice

Melting the world

Conjuring an image

Of you –

Reflecting beauty 


Before we die

Capture my heart

Purse strings loosened

My gold

For your love


Snap out of it now

We are

The prisoners we caught

Halfway home



Distance it covered

Wearing a mask

Sense it wandered

From us

To never return


Ice and fire

Breathing the flames

Flickering blue


Of a lie


Snap out of it now

We are

The creators of death

Nowhere -now here-

Frozen beasts