Echoes in Time

Eyes open to a twilight past
Lips they linger wise for a while
Tears touch to shore
To shining seas
We wander –

We awake –
To bluish skies
Mindful of horizons
Tentative tomorrows echo today
Sense the timeless whisper


The Path

There is a path we must follow –
A light, deep within our soul, to guide us

From afar something calls to our heart
To which we can choose to respond

We may stumble blindly over obstacles
That come our way and take a wrong turn

We make our own fate’s by heeding or ignoring
The feelings we harbor in our dreams tonight

The journey is fraught with challenges and
We must adjust our step to the terrain ahead

It’s a lifelong intuition that marks the way in this
Maze; but do we drown it in a logic of fear?

The lighthouse keeps emitting a signal –
A code of harmony only you can decipher

Take comfort in creating your own destiny,
In shaping your own direction through life

Believe in yourself; darkness cannot hide
What we know to be true

Turn Around

Turn around and face the tears
You caused
Heartbreak and despair

You need to know how to improve
Apologise to yourself
Because you let yourself down

The implications of your actions
Are clear to see
Forgive yourself and move on

You can’t make undone what was
Just live with the truth and
Don’t pretend you done nothing wrong

Follow the Sunshine

The light of stars penetrates the dark,
Enlightens the mind, heats up the heart

There is a way, a path, for us to follow –
There is a paradise from which to borrow

Come and bask in the glow, be yourself
And let contentment bring you wealth –

Happiness is now, in a dream from above,
We are life and in this spirit flows our love