Turn Around

Turn around and face the tears
You caused
Heartbreak and despair

You need to know how to improve
Apologise to yourself
Because you let yourself down

The implications of your actions
Are clear to see
Forgive yourself and move on

You can’t make undone what was
Just live with the truth and
Don’t pretend you done nothing wrong


Follow the Sunshine

The light of stars penetrates the dark,
Enlightens the mind, heats up the heart

There is a way, a path, for us to follow –
There is a paradise from which to borrow

Come and bask in the glow, be yourself
And let contentment bring you wealth –

Happiness is now, in a dream from above,
We are life and in this spirit flows our love

A Close Shave

Made rugged by time

Beard and hair grows wild


Strangely familiar is the face

Cracking half-smiles and promises


I have seen many incarnations of his soul

As his past mirrors through the white mist


I don’t quite know where he stands now

But I like his unknown possibilities


Forging through his reflection

I leave my shadows behind


And start trimming –

Shaving fate away


We get to where we are

Through all these decisions

A billion wishes that collide


Everyone searching

Everyone wanting



We spin in place

Dizzy feelings –

A gut reaction


And here we are

Fragmented souls

Chasing clues


Directions cross

Swerving obstacles

Observing the push and pull


Unseen forces

Dynamics –

Loosing control


We attract those we are

Through all these temptations

A billion would be’s or would not’s


Everyone finding

Everyone being