The Secrets of the Sins We Leave Behind

The sanctuary of time turns the tide,

Biting nails, gripping party anthems

Mark a wasteful youth


Fretting feelings fleeting, emotions that stir

Comets reappear with its icy tail of despair

Impacting a slumbering world


Forging a fork in the road, fractures the frame

Pioneering a new structure from the ruins of the old

Moving forward, never to look back

Life Signs

Align my broken words

In seamless order,

Translate my emotions

In verse

And you may find –

Logic patterns

Transcending my chaos,

Infected soul,

Diseased membranes

Vibrate –

Are still alive



I sat down to marvel

At the world today,

It’s intricate wonder

And deceit


Mind boggles

At the way of us,

How we dance

And discover


Twitching toes

Filled with wanderlust,

Magnificent rays

Of sundown


I felt the hand of death

At my shoulder,

It whispered vexing

And vanished


Filled with hope –

Lungs collapse,

Here we are

Lost within each other


And I lay down

Marvel at the sky,

Forging dreams

I wonder