Tunnel of Love

We really want to glow
Be the sparkling change
The evermore and true

But we are the waves
That come crashing
Over a tunnel of love

We are the glimmer –
The glimpse of heaven
Before it tumbles down


Pale Blue

Stepping boldly,
Pale blue shivers
Radiate in ripples,
Naked and raw –
Aching desire
Turning body

Free and wild,
Naked bliss and
Warping views,
Flowing shadows –
Bending curves
She signals him

Last Gasp

Death is but a brief moment

In life


Wasted moments


Beyond control

And he is left

In an emotional quiz

That has him asking, begging

To know

It’s meaning


It’s lost on us

This beauty, this wonder


It’s war –

Flaming words

Wielding indiscriminately

Cutting every man’s heart

Leaving the wounded

Screaming on the battlefield

For mercy

That is not to be found


In time

Any Last Words?

Entangled in the vines

I hear the whisper of sirens,

Call you me from the dead

Strike the feathers from my eyes

Unveil your being, naked soul


I learn from you, step through

The valleys, the dream of being

Floating beneath the shrouded sky

I hold you up – an example of my fears

And I need you tonight, I need you


To die

Sensing Us

Blitz my eyes

With your beauty,

Vex my ears

With a query of

Genuine delight


Taste the words

Between my lips,

Smell my scent

That longs for you

In musky desire


Feel the quivers,

Electrical pulses of 

Flashing lustre,

Currents run wild in

Waves of passion