Sensing Us

Blitz my eyes

With your beauty,

Vex my ears

With a query of

Genuine delight


Taste the words

Between my lips,

Smell my scent

That longs for you

In musky desire


Feel the quivers,

Electrical pulses of 

Flashing lustre,

Currents run wild in

Waves of passion


A look from her

Currents shift

Hope springs

And fear

Lingers there


Her eyes wildfire

Shooting sparks

It is untouchable

This feeling as

Moments melt


A look from him

Betrays his

Hidden longing

A blistering past

Burning presence


His eyes follow


Along a curving path

Of reveries’

Warming glow


Irresistible flame

Moths in bright light

Dance until

Nighttime is dark

Smoke flickers white


It’s not the flat screen TV

55 inch dream machine

It’s not the stars who shine


That I miss

It’s your kiss


Soft lips that whisper

Ciphers and zephyrs

It’s a touch of longing wish


That I miss

It’s your kiss


Winds of freedom I resist

For a second of seconds

It’s not nostalgia; it’s bliss