Freedom to Roam

Wheels glow in anticipation

Smoke ferrets its way

Into the blue-black horizon


Finding my way and feeling

The rolling thunder beneath

Sticky in its tar-stained beauty


Fickle is the mind that drives

In fury and spit of gasoline

Choking up the rear


Looking out over yonder landscape

It amazes me, fills me with awe;

There is no end to this road

Your Sign

Given your past

I don’t put it beyond you

To lie and cheat,

It is your trademark –

How you move on

To unsuspecting prey;

Tell them your sob-story

That rings pink and hollow now

As your soul


Fill your cup of love

Stir it with deceit

Sugar the promises –

And milk it for all you got.

Empty the cup

And throw it in the fireplace,

Let the shards melt

In your flaming,

Consuming hedonism 


“Don’t you just hate it when you analyze yourself

And find

You are a walking cliché


Just like everyone else

Not so special

After all”


He said it with a smug smile

And I wonder

What stereotype –


What mindless category

We fall in to



“Boldly we too shall

Pass through the same

Valley of dread


Throwing stones at our brothers,

Torture ourselves –

With our own minds creation”


As I make the claim

His eyebrows lift

And I return his smirk, where it belongs