Seeing beyond what’s
Hidden in the mist

A dream so real
I can feel its presence
Revealing my outline
Touching the future



Don’t cross the day before the dawn
Winds open the gate, I burn the bridge
Flames besiege our docile surrender
And the world turns beneath our feet


A look from her

Currents shift

Hope springs

And fear

Lingers there


Her eyes wildfire

Shooting sparks

It is untouchable

This feeling as

Moments melt


A look from him

Betrays his

Hidden longing

A blistering past

Burning presence


His eyes follow


Along a curving path

Of reveries’

Warming glow


Irresistible flame

Moths in bright light

Dance until

Nighttime is dark

Smoke flickers white

Leap of Faith

Divided in space

A world apart,

Close enough to feel

Yet too far to touch,

Through this infinite realm

We gravitate towards

Unknown fields of adventure,

Rivers that stream with life and

Mountains of cataclysmic emotions

We have yet to traverse


No dream

Is simple,

No endeavor

Comes without

It’s pitfalls,

Yet here is a path

Less walked, a hope

Of something –

Worthwhile and enduring

To withstand the ravages of time


To look deep in to your eyes,

Feel your embrace,

I sense the world

Is moving,

My illusory grip

On reality was never that strong

And I willfully let go –

Fall from this jagged cliff

To be broken

Or healed again?

Memory Lane is a Dead End

Fold the pages

Close to the heart


Words echo

What once was

What could have been…


Creases stain

The perfect past


Whispering sensations,

Shadows and teardrops,

Condensate to vanish


Flickering in and out of reality

Keeping the bloodline fluid


Inside a dream

Dwells the soft pleasure of fate;

It is bulletproof.


Directions circumnavigate,

The mind plays its favorite trick


Winding up where storming eyes hide

Inside a familiar home

In the midst of life


Where blank pages are torn and

Lost, within unfulfilled