A Close Shave

Made rugged by time

Beard and hair grows wild


Strangely familiar is the face

Cracking half-smiles and promises


I have seen many incarnations of his soul

As his past mirrors through the white mist


I don’t quite know where he stands now

But I like his unknown possibilities


Forging through his reflection

I leave my shadows behind


And start trimming –

Shaving fate away



We get to where we are

Through all these decisions

A billion wishes that collide


Everyone searching

Everyone wanting



We spin in place

Dizzy feelings –

A gut reaction


And here we are

Fragmented souls

Chasing clues


Directions cross

Swerving obstacles

Observing the push and pull


Unseen forces

Dynamics –

Loosing control


We attract those we are

Through all these temptations

A billion would be’s or would not’s


Everyone finding

Everyone being


Midas Touch

Rustling leaves

whirling by


the forest –

turned to gold


a breeze

whispers cold


of winter

of coming spring


sun and planet sings

and sheds its pretense


back to bare bones

back to life


made simple