The Erosion of One

The whole consists of pieces
Torn shreds that scatter

Hands drag you behind
Choking promises made

Elusive time dissipates
Clouds transform; mid-air

Fragments consist of space
An invisible nothingness (of one)


Letters in the Sand

Scratch my name
From your shoulder
Unwrap my heart
From its folder

Catch my spirit
In its nascent scent
Crack my skull
Within its fractured dent

Hatch my plan
Revel in your smile
I lack the focal point;
Something worthwhile

Hitting Refresh

I rattle my brain
and need a refresh

Somber somewhere in the morning rain
I feel the fracture of my heart,
files are stowed
and eyes are transported

Truth is told, but the lies
are in the untold

Weapons we use
to overcome the unspeakable hum-drum of life,
marching idle worker bees, we are
looking for the honey pot

Yesterday I dreamt of adventure
in tomorrow’s unknown

Fucking someone in the evening heat
you might think you know what’s on my mind,
with mouths mirroring spiel
copies are made for eternity

I am rattled, I am
in need of my insanity


I am rising
From the depths of below
I have conquered
The black of beyond

I have seen
What I could be
And I drowned him
Defeating the fear

Glittering horizon
Waving blue
I exhale the bubbles
Inhale the promise

And cleansed
And weightless

I am rising
From within
Breaking surface
Gasping for air